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Hi EveryOne!!
I would like to share some stuff than I bought today.

if you want to get a nice WindScreen..I recommend you
Any Color Chrome
in this site the price is $79.95
go to any Kawasaki Dealer and get your order by Unlimited Parts Book.

Frame Sliders
it is in Unlimited Parts Books with the LP001516 Code ;)

Steering Damper 636
it isnt in the book but the sales man called to Unlimited P.B. Office and
they gave him the information for ZX6R 03 model.
Ohlius Damper
Code : OHSD172
price : 490.00

Other things
couple months I got my personal checks,Labels,Contacts Card,CheckBooks Covers
everything about Bikes and NINJASSSS [8D]


go thru this page...and see those stuff...you will like them.

I got Kawasaki Ninja CheckBook Cover...It is SO COOL.. I pay the price
but it is so nice MAN..

Well... i hope you can get some of them..

Next week I will take some pict of my bike with its new things and will post it.

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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