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These are the steps my dealer told me to follow. Some may varry, but these will at minimum, ensure your bike is is good working order when you start her up next year, and that rust and other corrosive activities don't begin on your bike, especially inside the engine.


Step 1. Fill fuel tank to prevent rust. Install winterizing fuel conditioner. Change engine oil and filter. Rerun engine for a few minutes to circulate fresh oil.

Step 2. Use drain plug on carburetor to drain all the gasoline from the float bowl and fuel line. This prevents clogging the jets.

Step 3. Remove spark plugs and place ½ teaspoon of oil in each cylinder. Turn engine over to coat cylinder walls and pistons rings. Replace the spark plugs.

Step 4. Remove battery and store in a cool area - off the floor. Recharge once a month with a trickle charge or a "Battery Tender". Wash corrosion from battery box, battery cables and battery (using baking soda to neutralize acid). Coat battery terminals and battery cables with waterproof grease.

Step 5. Lubricate the drive chain. If your machine has a drive shaft, check oil level.

Step 6. Inflate tires to recommended pressure. Block up the bike so that the weight of the bike is off both tires. If this is not possible, periodically move wheels to prevent flat spots.

Step 7. Check coolant level of radiator models.

Step 8. Wash motorcycle - wax painted parts and use chrome clearner on rest of machine. Cover machine with dust cover.


Step 1. Inspect the tires.

Step 2. Install battery.

Step 3. Check front and rear suspension. If a year has lapsed since last front fork change, drain and refill as per owner's manual.

Step 4. Check brake fluid for level and appearance. Changing brake fluid is recommended every 2 years, although every year is better.

Step 5. Inspect and clean air cleaner

Step 6. Inspect all nuts, bolts and fasteners.

Step 7. Wax machine.

Step 8. Prime carburetors.

Step 9. Test ride machine.

Step 10. If machine is not running well, decide on getting a complete tune-up.

* The procedures outlined above have been prepared with the assumption that the machine is in good running condition before you put it away for the winter *
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