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Would you all run from the cops?

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Lets say you were on the highway and the road was going straight for a few miles and there was very little traffic. Would any of you do it? Another this I want to know is how come people have been able to run from the cops? Once they get your liscence plate they know where you live.
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Let's say they don't get your plate cuz you went flyin by...they are still equiped with radios and other means to get you. The ticket would be one thing but if you got caught the rest of the mess wouldn't be worth the thrill of the chase.
Yea, but how could they get you? They can't make a road block or hit you with their car because they would be putting you at risk. They know that if you were hit you would fall off and most likely die. They would have to wait until you run out of gas and just follow with a chopper. They had a case like that on World's Police Chase videos. Guy ran out of gas.

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Don't think for a minute that a cop won't run you off the road, I've seen it happen to a friend of mine and he wasn't actually even running. I have run before, and in your scenario I might, but for the most part I realize that radios are wayy faster than my bike and have told cops so when they actually asked me "why did you stop?". Also, if it's during the day, word could spread around about you amongst cops, what your bike looks like, etc, and you could be marked. To me, it's usually just not worth it.
ive done it before..

i was on my 250.. i overtook on the wrong side of the road.. pulled back in.. a cop went past the other way.. and did their sirens etc.. they didnt get my plate cos they were going the other way and there was heaps of traffic, so i bailed out of there..

depends on the situation.. altho it may be slightly different here in australia then the rest of the world.. type of police etc.. not too sure id do it now on the 600.. too dangerous..

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Not worth the mess. They will set up road blocks because if you run into it it's your own fault.

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Done it once.....
I've been close numerous times. I primarily live in a rural area, I'm speeding all the time but in the day I always keep my eyes open and way alert. Night time is difficult. I have always try to take different ways home just so I don't annoy neighbors and become noticeable, but one night as I was coming home, I seen the sheriff sitting at a crossroad with his lights already on ahead. I assume he was giving me a warning. I turned around in the middle of the road and didn't want to find out.

Another time I passed one and didn't realize till I saw brake lights. At that moment I gave her all I got in a about 1 mile from town, and slowed to a cool 35 then made a quick turn, then another through an alley. Turned off the bike and coasted to another ally so as to be stealth and not wake up the town folk. I waited at this location for 10 min. in the dark and was able to get a good view of both main roads. Well, I took the back way home and the sheriff was already on this country road facing the US Route. Shit. I just turned around and hauled ass back the normal way. They don't have a chance in the country, there are not enough of them to set up road blocks within a small area. I'm gone.
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In some countries now, police are required to ask permission from their superiors if they can chase you. That's a pretty great idea except that it isn't done in the US.<img src=icon_smile_dissapprove.gif border=0 align=middle>

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Attempting to elude is a felony in every state that I know of. Once you've committed the felony, you're pretty much toast. Get caught doing 150 running from them, and you're going down. Hard. Or you could be one of the lucky few that got away. Your choice.

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I wouldn't run.... Not worth it. I own the bike, I have current insurance / papers and license so there is no reason to run. I can pay for a $300 ticket, its not worth risking my life.

I have a friend in a coma right now. No one knows what happened but we all think the cops ran him off the road and left him there.

Here in NYC it's against policy to chase motorcycles but they do and when they result in an accident the cops leave the scene. I've heard a few stories about this from very creditable sources.

Most cops are lazy and will not bother to chase you, I got pulled over a few times on my bike for various offenses:

Speeding (a few times)
Driving recklessly (on the other side of the road)
White lining
Making an illegal RIGHT turn (whatever that is)

And Every time the officer gave me a warning, no tickets.
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I'm with all who say no on this one. I outran a couple of CHP officers a couple of years ago in my other baby (300ZX Twin Turbo) and made it. But then my neighbour who was a CHP officer himself, gave me a heads up that they didn't get the plate but were "on the lookout" for a car whose description matched mine. He didn't think it was me (and I didn't fess up). Needless to say I was scared to drive it for a couple of weeks. Like local said, I'd rather just pay the fine and get back on the road with a clear conscience. Hope you don't try to outrun anyone except some jackass in a Honda with a coffee can exhaust or a Harley who thinks noise=speed.

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nope, i wouldn't run from the cops....not worth the risk, besides most cops are cool around here unless you disrespect them..

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I haven't, largely because I don't trust my riding skills enough to know that I won't kill myself trying to get away. But the last two times I've been pulled over, both cops have said something to the effect of "why did you stop? There's no way I could have caught you." Grr. Both times I pulled over before they even had to turn their lights on, thinking they might like that and cut me a break, but nope. I guess I won't do them that favor anymore.

Of course, that said... a month or so ago I did triple digit speeds into a bike cop's freeway speed trap, and he just signaled me to slow down. I gave him a nod and a thank-you wave and proceeded to rethink my position on religion.


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Okay guys, lemme give you MY insight, and I have some since I AM a cop. First there's a MONSTROUS difference between a speeding ticket and a potential criminal charge of dangerous driving plus HTA offences like Fail to Stop for Police and careless driving. Personally, I'll take the speeding ticket.

God forbid you ever do run and crash, which is proven to be the case in a scary proportion of motorcycle chases. People get excited and try to overdrive their abilities... not me making this up, it's TRUE.

Imagine trying to get a vehicle insured down the road. Imagine losing your licence. Imagine losing control and crashing bad. It just ain't worth it.

People in general (bikes or cars) who do it aren't thinking. Period. You're so focussed on getting away that you are putting lives at risk (most notably yours). Your judgement is all off.

Like you said, cops have manpower, radio, video, the ability to "call" a chase from a central location with maps and a thought process, and more importantly if you're on a bike, less to lose. Having said that, I personally would never initiate a dangerous chase with a bike while on duty but I'd do my best to i.d. you or at least grab your plate.

Hope you guys don't think I'm preaching at you, it wasn't my goal, but I mean, what's a ticket compared to the possible consequences of trying to run? The truth is, most chases end up BAD for the driver, and normally in a short period of time. It just ain't worth it.

Again, apologies, had to be said.
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I'm behind you dj dunzie. I'm not a police officer, but I'm hoping to be when I'm done school.

There's no question, I would not run - by any means. I've got friends that are police officers, even one that rides with me. I just wouldn't do it.


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I felt I have to provide some feedback how I feel on the matter. Lets face it anyone whom has a sportbike or sportscar for that matter is going to speed. OK, I generally ride at about 80mph. no matter were I go. I have never been caught on the bike and however only think they would of pulled me over the one night I chose to outrun before he turned around. I don't live in any major city and would only recommend running if out in rural areas just for those reasons of being caught, traffic ect. Whats the difference of outrunning say take it up to 150mph than just normal hard riding doing 150mph? The difference is someone is chasing you. See my point, everytime we ride we are taking risks, so why would I pull over and get a hell of a ticket for 80 which probably same as for 120 or any other speed. I had currently 3 tickets in my pickup over 3-4 years for like 10 over stuff and an accident on ice doing 20mph. no control. My driving record is shit because of this and us consumers get screwed over by fines and high insurance costs mostly for really "STUPID" people that can't drive in winter and young teenagers stealing cars. Its getting to the point were you are either getting really high insurance premiums or insurance companies refusing to cover people and including sportbikes. Insurances companies are paying out the wazzooo for natural disasters, 9-11 ect. Some of it justified but alot shouldnt be in my opinion. I chose to outrun not to get caught and to keep another ticket off my record. If you can't ride fast and safe anyways you should be on a Harley instead.
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I Disagree with you Spuko...... When your at 150+ and nobody is chaseing you, it's all good. Your mind is in a safe place. Doing 150+ and having cops chase you is a diffrent story. Too many things going through your mind..... "what if I get caught??, I have to be careful, Pay attention to the road, Where an I going?, Is there more than one cop, Where should I turn...etc......Thats what I would be thinking. Don't get it twisted I too have a fucked up driving record and I too have run from the cops, but when it;s all over I'm like Damn THat was crazy!! I guess it all depends on the road and how much you know the road. The few times I did run I knew where I was at, and I was with riding buddies who also ran.

Your right, but what I'm thinking is I know they are chasing but I know I am way faster than they are so I focus on staying in control and thinking where to turn off. Again these were on roads in my county in which I know most of them well, I wouldn't recommend it in places you are not familiar with.
i can respect your decision Spuk0 to run, but I still think it dangerous even if you know the roads. You truely never know if there is oil in the left hander, or if there is a big SUV sitting in the blind right hand turn.....

now put me on a track and I'll run from the cops or atleast try too ;)

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I actually got pulled over for the first time on a bike the other week. I was with some vietnamese guys from school. I barely eveb know them that well. Anyway, we're going down a local street (long and strait) and they are doing trick after trick...and since I can't even do a wheelie, i was just watching in ahh. Happen to be our luck that 3 motorcycle cops were off the road behind a big bush...so we all got pulled over. We could of ran, but turns out...all the cop did was make sure we all had up to date insurance and our licenses were stamped for motorcycle privledges...and that was it! In fact we sat there and swapped motorcycle stories for a while with the cops. When they left they told us to be safe and keep it on one wheele...AND THAT WAS THAT. Now imagine if we would have ran or acted disrespectful to the cops? Completely a different story. Knowing that I'm still kind of new to riding...I'm sure I would have wrecked and probably wouldn't be here today, but since we all pulled over, I'm alive and well and enjoyed about 30 minutes of bike talk with the cops that pulled us over.

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