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I went down on the 91 freeway, got tagged by a cager. I'm ok and am out of the hospital with codeine, a sling and an itch to ride again. Before this happens we need to get the bike up and running and I’m looking for the following parts (all are 1st gen unless noted):

Headlight assembly:
Instrument panel:
36mm clipons OR top triple and left handlebar (prefer clipons):
radiator cap and plastic bit that the radiator cap screws onto:
Speedo Cable:
Cap for coolant reservoir (or complete coolant reservoir):
Gas Tank:
Upper Fairing:
Lower cowl:

Thanks for looking. I also have the following items to trade if you guys are interested:
Galfer HH pads for 03+ Suzuki SV and SVS
Stock 1st gen exhaust (pipes have some scratches)
1st Gen EX500 Trackday switch (connects the grounds of your headlight/tail light and plate lights to a relay controlled by a switch).

We’re in Corona, CA 92882 and have paypal.
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