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See bold above.

Just so you know, the front wheel on your bike and the 03/04 ZX6R look the same, but they're in fact different. With that said, the 03/04 rotors will not work on your front wheel; wrong bolt spacing and flat rather than offset like your wheel needs. Use your wheel and rotors, but you'll need 10 mm spacers on the 03/04 forks to fit the calipers on correctly. 05-08 forks won't require spacers since those models used 300 mm rotors instead of the 280 mm in 03/04. Also your OEM axle, assuming it's undamaged, will work with the USD forks, so you don't need one.

Also, I have a set of Nissin calipers that come on the 07-10 ZX6R that I decided not to use. They come with fairly fresh pads (not new, but still barely worn). They will bolt up to the 03-present forks, whichever you decide to go with. Or I could let you take my gold Tokico calipers with lightly used Galfer pads, whichever you prefer. The Nissins are better calipers, but I'll let the Tokicos go much cheaper. Talk to kaoss_11 also, he's got some good calipers that'll work also.

And finally, if you have anymore questions, you can PM me. I have done the swap and can tell you anything you need to know. :thumbup:

true on everything here. I have so much parts I really need to start letting this shit go.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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