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Broken down, stuck in a motel.

I have a 90' (C1) ZX11 with a set of 'leaky' carbs.

Cannot afford the hourly-rates charged by local-shops to rebuild these carbs, and do not have the tools needed to do it all in the parking-lot outside my room.

I do not have any credit-cards, and do not deal with Pay-pal or any other means to pay for what I need other than with ca$h.

I am looking for a replacement-set of carbs which I can either switch-out the old ones for the new ones, or use the new(er) one's for parts, vice-versa.

Either name your price, or (if interested) I have a 91' (C2) ZX11 frame, with decent condition rims (front & rear) I would be willing to trade straight-across for the carbs.

Email your replies/questions to: carhearts at hot mail d ot co m
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