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xenon bulbs?

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I purchased a pair of EURODEZIGNS zenon/kryton bulbs H7 type (Green Tint to match 03 RR model bike. I thought they were 55w or 60w bulbs when i bought them, they were not, instead they were 100w. I installed them anywayz, and when i turned the first one on it worked perfectly, but when i installed the second bulb, it blew my fuse. I went to auto zone to see if they had the Green Tint bulb in the correct wattage but they did not. I asked the guy about putting a larger fuse (standard fuse is 10 amp) and he said it would NOT damage anything at all. So I put a 20amp fuse in the fuse panel, and they are working fine, but I only ran them a few minutes. Does anyone have any information as to the reliability of the information that was given to me bye the employee at Auto Zone? I dont wanna damage anything on my bike:(. THE LIGHTS ARE AWSOME IN THE GREEN TINT.
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The only consideration (aside from blinding oncoming motorists) would be what guage wire is supplying current to the headlights... If it's large enough to handle the extra current from nearly doubling the wattage of the headlight bulbs.
true xenon applications require a ballast and bulb. Otherwise, they are just xenon effect.
I think they are just zenon effect, not sure though. All i had to do with this particular bulb was to put in the socket, plug it in and boom it works. so maybe its not a actual zenon. but the looks are sweet!!
its not real xenon. i have a xenon/HID upgrade kit in my bike. all xenon kits start at $400 and go up and come with ballasts and extra wiring.

as far as the bulb you are running, be careful b/c if it is running at 100 watts, it is producing double the heat of the original bulb that is recommended for the bike. some wires/parts in the headlight housing may not be equipped to handle the extra heat, therefore may melt.
Hey guys,

...you can have xenon bulbs, both regular filament and HID. Xenon is a gas that is put in the bulb (reacts with both the heating of a filament OR an arc), regular bulbs use a filament and then there's HID with uses a ballast to create an electrical arc to produce the light. So, if he says it's xenon... that's probably true, but the best light is with an HID system.
20 amp is a pretty big fuse. If you're determined to stay with 'em, I'd try a 15 first.
How the bulb? Is the wires melt or anything like that? Im thinking getting same bulb you got for my 99. Thanks
no melting or nothing, working great!!! and looks even better......
I have 100w's in mine for over 3 months w/a lot of use, no melting, no issues at all... I went with super white on the low beam and ion yellow on the high, the yellow really stands out!
Did you purchase them at a store or online???? If you did purchase them online what was the site you bought them from.
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