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You might want to READ this:):)

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Mods i did

Hindle full high mount system
"Pair Mod"
Factory Jet Kit
Factory Ig Advancer 4
Droped tooth off the front sprocket
BMC Filter
Got rid of the screen in box
Muzzy fan blade
moded the ram air set up to be more direct hit
Few other little tricks have been done as well I will post pics soon

As of right now i am very [8D] happy with it he bike gets up and moves now. Rollin burns no prob. I am actually very amazed. I went out with a buddy for a ride he has a r6 with (lots mods as well). He used kill me not this time got in a pissing match and destoryed him!!!!!
He was [:0] ME:D[}:)][:D

Speed is Fun!!
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