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Z750 abs 2009 speedometer dead

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Hi. So a few days ago my bikes speedometer/display died. Shows nothing. Not the analog RPM or the digital fuel, speed, time and oil temperature. Abs, N and blinkers indicators work and the background light of the display works.

What ive done is check the fuse and wires. Ive got 10v at the back of the display. I got ground and a couple other wires up there are not damaged (~0.01 ohm)

The bike starts and runs like always as ive ridden it about 10min without it, so dose the the headlight and any other electric function on the bike.

Anyone know what voltages i should have on the back of the display for it to work like normal. (If i missed a cabel or anything else can cause this)

What should i do? Is the an aftermarket speedometer i can buy? Or try repair the one i got?

Note: im from sweden so markets and shops in other countries might not work.
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