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Alryt chaps? New to the site!
Have been looking but cant find any info on the fault i have

I got myself a late reg 02 reg b1h. Shes got 21k on it. Mot in april serviced and valves dun same time, new plugs bmc airfilter and lazer duo can.

The bike was fab to start with but wouldnt rev past 10grand. Kick stand delete sorted that.
Then the bat started running flat fittid a new stator after diagnosing and that sorted it.

Now a hav a whole new problem!! it started befor a changed the stator, so cant be anything to do with the change over. if i start her up shes fine, after riding a bit it will start poppin and bangin alot not even over 40mph, if i sit at a constant rev renge the bike splutters under me! This happns at diff temps speeds and mph. Its ok when u thottle it and pulls hard. The second a dip the clutch to down shift she dies on me. If i hit the fire button its fine and idles ok. The exhaust has a bit more black soot than normal overfuling am guessing. I have seen the fi light on but dosnt always, when the faults happning thers no light i have emptyd the tank and put new fuel in it still happning. Cant be plugs cause ther done. Its almost as if it stuggles to get the fuel air mix right after cumin down the revs, over fuels, Popps n bangs n cuts out. Any help would be good  cheers.
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