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Whats up peoples
So the bike is a 2006 ZX6R 636D and the only way to completely kill the bike is to disconnect the negative battery cable.
The stop switch works to stop the engine while its running but the ignition switch does nothing (you can ride the bike with the ignition switch in the off position without the key even being in the switch)
I have disconnected the ignition switch and slaved in a new ignition switch and still nothing
The only way to turn the bike on (engine running) is to get the battery voltage to be above 14.5 Vdc and i have used multiple new batteries
The battery has a parasitic draw of .96 so im assuming something is taking way too much power
the draw doesnt drop when I disconnect any of the fuse from the fuse box
I have tested the Stator and the Rectifier and the Starter Solenoid and
i have tested the relay box and all the relays click and all the test are good

I am just learning about bikes so i have no idea what it could be.... any help would be greatly appreciated in case anyone has ever dealt with something like this
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