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ZX6R Exauhst ??

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Or try doing a search and put in "which pipe." I've found answers to a lot of my questions/ concerns by using the search funtion. It's very good on this site!

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I just bought an 03 ZX6R (Silver).
I was riding an 84' GPz 550.
Holly shit what a difference. My 6R is almost 100 pounds lighter and has close to double the horse power and it is almost scary. [8D]
The cornering is incredible.
needless to say all I have to compare my new bike to is the GPz, so i feel like this new one is from a different planet.
Ok enough going on about my new baby.

I am not Mr. racer so the extra horsepower is not a big concern for me.

Does anyone know where i could find out how differnt slip on exhausts would sound on my bike?

I want to improve the deep throaty sounds if possible.
or am i barking up the wrong tree?

Could someone give me some insight on the subject?[?]


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The bike is so new, you're not likely to get many opinions. Once The snow leaves(I'm in NH USA) I'm picking up my bike, and shortly thereafter probably going to purchasing a complete Arata titanium system from Kyle @ http://www.kyleusa.com

I used to roadrace a GPz 550 in the mid eighties, it was a great bike.

The exhaust is $999.00, which is a very competitive price for a full Ti system.

I'd advise you to steer clear of most of the cheaper exhausts. They're cheaper for a reason.

Here's a link to Kyle Racing's pics. and a dyno chart of the Arata exhaust: http://www.motorush.com/forums/messageview.cfm?catid=101&threadid=25994

Good luck and happy riding!!!
The Arata system looks real nice, and if it performs as well as it looks, you won't go wrong...

However, I disagree you will not find input on exhausts on this forum since the bike is new... do a search of "exhausts" and "03" and see what I mean... there's been PLENTY of banter about available exhaust systems... MANY guys with '03's on this forum have long since changed their stock exhaust... hit the search button and you'll see...

And as for which companies have 'em available? PLENTY... Akrapovic, Sato, Arata, Hindle, D&D, Two Brothers, Yoshimura, Muzzy, Laser, and lots more...

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Thanx for the input everyone!!!!

I started to look around at the info but lost the motivation to continue reading. I'll come back later and look it all over.

So far i have found only one post that someone has been able to compare the sounds of different pipes.
All the other stuff I have read are people telling you how much they like the pipe they have.

I am sure most pipes you get after market are better than the stock.
I want to find people that have heard more than one pipe on the same model bike. I want to hear comparrison opinions.

Looking for the deepest sound I can get.

Thanx for the replies it has helped.


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I should have added that in order to take advantage of the power gains a premium full system(as opposed to a 'slip-on') will provide, you'll almost certainly need a "Power Commander." Sorry about that omission. It shan't happen again :D
Agreed... regardless of what any manufacturer claims... increasing the airflow OUT that dramatically is almost ALWAYS gonna mean you'll benefit from remapping...

"Keep yer feet on the pegs and your right hand cranked."
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I have a little info for you. I ham a dealer but I myself ride a 2003 zx6r and zx6rr to raodrace and as far as a slip on I like the sound of the Wiley-Co exhaust and the Muzzy Slip on. If ypou have any questions or would like prices email me.

[email protected]
As far as the Arata, a friend of minwe has one on his CBR954RR, the power comes on quite strong in the upper revs, only thing I dont like about it is that its a bit loud (attacts John Q Law ), but , its stupid light , the welds look real good, adn the whole package looks great. Just my 2 cents worth .
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