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ZX12R front wheel - also perfectly straight. All you see is all you get. Bearings are good. This wheel slips right in the forks of a zx6r, but the rotor width is too wide...3/8" too wide....you could modify the fork legs where the calipers mount to make use of it. Straight means no lip bends and no wobbles. I was going to use it until I came across a wheel set for a decent price. $125 shipped.

ZX6R stock header 92-02- no can...came with my current track bike....make an offer that can buy me some beer to drink while I box it up or it goes to the scrap yard....shipping will be actual (ie - pay me when I ship and find out)

120/180 Tomahawk slicks - 1 day on them....came with my bike - I like to run DOT's. $60 shipped.

PM me here or email directly at jcbreitbach at gmail dot com

I get limited time on KF during the day because of the internet nazi's at work...so give me 1 day for responses.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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