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zx6rr anyone own one?

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you hit 148 mph with on 350 miles on the engine....

what engine break-in school of thought you follow?

the RR is a sweet bike, but why did you pick it on the 636 version?

just curious ;)

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I guess pitgirl went to the same "break-in school" I went to :D On my first 20 mile ride I had my 6RR up to 8k rpm, and since then I have had it up to 10k rpm, but only has 250 miles on it. It is all torn apart right now with different things going on it for the track, but the next time it will be ridden will be on the track since that is the only reason I bought this bike. But everyone has their own beliefs about breaking in a motor, so go with what (or who) you trust....... oh yeah, pitgirl, I love the 6RR [8D]

hello im new to this board, i just bought a new zx6rr and i really like it. ive put about 350 miles on it and was woundering if any of u own one? how do u like it, i would like a little more midrange power but she comes on strong about 10 grand.i haven went for top in yet because its not broke in but at 148 mph it was still pullin hard!! and it just begs u to corner it hard. and damn i love that green[8D]
If I lived in the US, I'd probobly go with the 6RR just cause you poor fools dont get the 6R in green :)

Good choice on the bike!

(Up here we get green 6R's so I'd take that over the 6RR)

-=Welcome To Canada=-

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pitgirl24: if you wanted a little more midrange power why did you got the RR instead of the 636? Are you going to race? If not, it doesn't make sense getting an RR (at least here in Pt... we have the 636 in green :D).

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I've got an '03 ZX6RR and I'm still getting used to it. Overall I think it's gonna be one killer track bike (that's why I bought it). I came off an RC51 so I really feel your lack of midrange woes. This thing is gutless below 10k. However, adding an Arata or Sato system really helps it out.

I installed my Arata system yesterday and am running a Sato map that Dan Kyle put together on a PCIII USB. The bike makes noticebly more power from 5K RPMs and really comes alive at 11K RPMs. Here is a dyno chart of the Sato set up (12rwhp gain):


Dan has found that the performance gains between the Sato and Arata systems are extremely similar. He hasn't dyno'd the RR with an Arata system yet but he has dyno'd a 636 with both the Sato and Arata systems and the results were near identical with the Arata making 1rwhp more on top but the Sato making 1rwhp more in the midrange.

I went with the Arata because 1) it comes in an oval can (Sato is round only) 2) it is $200 cheaper than the Sato (Arata is a bigger company so they do less by human labour but their quality is identical to the Satos) 3) it's a high(er) mount (not the banzai high style but you can't use the stock bracket) where the Sato is a stock mount only

Check out the informative threads here:


Good luck!



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... and it's only MY opinion, but the Aratas look SOOOOOO much better... [:p]

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