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I'm running a ZX7R, stock engine, S/S pipes linked to a big bore SP Engineering GP can, K&N filter and stage 1 Dyno Jet Kit.

The bike runs and is lethally fast, if you're above 6000rpm...
Below 3K the engine chokes and dies, between 3 and 6K i have smooth power delivery, at 6K there's a slight flat spot and after 6K she takes off like a missile.

As far as i'm aware the pilot circuit controls the mixture at idle/low RPM, and the needle jet controls mixture at half throttle. I'm thinking of dropping the needle down a notch (they are adjustable), to try and get rid of the flat spot in the mid range. How to stop it bogging down at low RPM, i do not know. Any help is appreciated, i aren't a motorcycle mechanic but i know how to use a spanner, so i'll undertake any suggestions.


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