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Front end should be more or less fine...hopefully he/she did a good job with the key and steering stops. The 636 front end has less offset than the zx7....lighter steering at the expense of stability. Springs might be a little soft, depeninding on your size, and depending on the year the rotors are, they might be prone to warp if you track it or ride hard.

The rear on the other hand, I doubt the rear wheel is centered on the front, or the chain alignment might be off...making a 5.5" wheel work is more than just lining the chain up.

I looked at a 5.5" rear wheel on my project and passed due to the above difficulties. There's a thread in here on my zx7 weight reduction project (which is far from done)....I used a 10R front end and a 9R rear. There's a couple other guys that have done neat swingarm swaps on here too.

Most anything typcially done to the bike in these swaps can be undone. That said, I wouldn't pay much if any more for this bike because of these mods.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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