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I have a ton of left over part from my recent project. I need to get this stuff out of my garage. Parts need to go I will let them go for cheap. If interested in anything let me know how much you offering. I will get pics up tomorrow sorry ran out of daylight.

02/03 subframe
98/99 rear shock
02/03 rear shock [(2) one someone painted black]
98/99 polished wheels (fresh bearing but need a good once over)
chrome stock sprocket
98/99 forks (one set polished)
98/01 brakes (both front and rear plus spares)
00/03 airbox
01 frame (no title strait)
air tech fiberglass airbox (rare piece used to flatslide carbs)
00/01 (1) galfer wave rotor (new has been mounted and found out was the wrong size)
98/99 stock rotors (warped but someone my want them)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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