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The BEST fuel injector cleaner

First off, I'm only associated with one of the following products.

I'll start out with the crap you'd waste your money on:

Ingredients of the OLD 44K:
Polyetheramine (CAS N/A)
Heavy Aromatic Petroleum Distillates (CAS 64742-94-5)
Hydrotreated Heavy Petroleum Distillates (CAS 64742-48-9)
Napthalene (CAS 91-20-3)
1,2,4-Trimethylbenzene (CAS 95-63-6)

Ingredients of the NEW 44K:
Stoddard Solvent (CAS 8052-41-3)
Hydrotreated Kerosene (CAS 64742-47-
Light Aromatic Solvent Naptha (CAS 64742-95-6)

No more PEA = it's crap

This I copied and pasted, so I don't completely agree with his comments:

Pennzoil Gumout Regane
60-70% kerosene
30-40 Polyether amine
Analysis: I don't see anything in them that would harm a car

Gumout Xtra
90-95% kerosene
5-10% detergent
Analysis: I don't see anything in them that would harm a car

Chevron Techron:
30-50% hydrotreated petroleum distillates
10-25% Stoddard Solvent (similar to kerosene)
5-10% Naptha
1-5% Benzene
.1-.5% Xylene
Analysis: Naptha, Benzene, and Xylene are strong solvents, but I do not believe they are used in enough volume to cause problems.

Valvoline Complete Fuel System Cleaner:
52 - 62% Kersosene
28-38% Light hydrotreated petroleum distillate
6-16% Stoddard Solvent
Analysis: A good formula, should have no negative affects on seals, similar to Techron but without the stronger solvents.

Amsoil Performance Improver
80% petroleum distillates
No other compounds identified
Analysis: Safe, but without full disclosure of any other compounds, one must reserve judgement against the other, more technically advanced cleaners like Techron and Red Line SI-1.

****My note: This is why I refuse to sell AMSOIL's PI to my customers and recommend Fuel Power instead ****

Red Line SI-1
1-5% Alkenylamine
1-10% Isoctanol
1-10% 1,2,4 Trimethylbenzene
5-20% Aliphactic Napthta
Analysis: A very complete formulation: detergent/dispersant, corrosion inhibitor, fuel additive. It has an alcohol which will help disperse any water, several strong solvent cleaners, and a detergent. Very comparable to Techron, perhaps a bit stronger, so be sure to use it full strength only when properly titrated, or in smaller amounts for continuous cleaning.

What I use and recommend is Fuel Power (FP60) by

I have very good personal results. I had to remove my intake manifold from my crown vic. That car has 140k+ miles on it and only about 5k to 6k miles of FP.

This is the side that doesn't get hit by the injector.

This is the side that gets directly sprayed by the injector. It's spotless.

The treatment rate is 1 oz per 5 gallons of gas. For the same price of 3 bottles of techron you get enough FP to treat over 600 gallons of gas.

Sadly, the formula is proprietary. I do know it's an oil based solvent, but nothing like toulene or acetone or anything. It smells nice and fruity (not gay).

There is also a "octane boost" effect. This is due to increased combustion efficieny and the extra potentional energy in FP60. Of course, this is a secondary effect. At the treatment rate of 1 oz per 5 gallons it seems to raise octane by 1 (87 to 88 ).

I've heard of many people running lower octane than what's recommended and using FP with no pinging or retarding of timing. People with PDA dynos monitoring ECUs scare me....

Take it for what it's worth, just trying to help yall out. If you buy FP (or any of these other products) I don't make a dime.
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not sure which is the best but i was alway told never to use any addins with my bike and i know you can ruin plugs and cats in a car with them...
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I dont know what category these cleaners are in but here is a quote from the Periodic Maintenance 2-13 in the manual. i know a few of the bottles say carburetor/fuel injector cleaner so I would watch out unless someone chimes in and says its ok.

Do not use a carburetor cleaning solution since it
attacks molybdenum disulfide coats; instead, use
a mild high-flash point cleaning solution.

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I always use Lucas fuel injector cleaner in all my vehicles!
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My point was most of those are nothing but cheap solvents in expensive bottles and aren't needed.

Fuel power rocks though.

Carb cleaner...the spray kind, is harmful to many specially coated surfaces. These surfaces are typically throttle bodies. Moly is used as an "anti-dirt" coating basically on throttle bodies and sometimes a few other places. My car and truck have a moly coated throttle body and butterfly, but they still get dirty of course, but not as badly I'm sure.

I've heard a few bad things about Lucas UCL, but nothing that's been proven. The stuff is pretty expensive though. Fuel Power seems expensive, but it's only $0.20 an ounce and most fill ups are 1 to 4 oz ($0.20 to $0.80 a tank).

Just passing the information along.
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I use a little johnnie walker blue label every now and then......
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That is sick to think that a lot of those cleaners are $4 for 8 ounces of kerosene [B)]
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How about STP..
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Chemical CAS No / Unique ID Percent
MSDS: Proprietary or trade secret additive/ingredient(s) 000000-00-8 1-5%
Naphthalene 000091-20-3 0-2 %
1,2,4-Trimethylbenzene 000095-63-6 1-10 %
Mesitylene 000108-67-8 0-4 %
Xylene (mixed isomers) 001330-20-7 1-2 %
JP5 Jet fuel 008008-20-6 <75-95 %
Stoddard solvent 008052-41-3 <75-95 %
Solvent-refined heavy paraffinic distillate 064741-88-4 <1-5 %
Distillates, petroleum, hydrotreated heavy paraffinic 064742-54-7 <1-5 %
Kerosine, petroleum, hydrodesulfurized 064742-81-0 <75-95 %
Solvent naphtha, petroleum, medium aliphatic 064742-88-7 <75-95 %
Solvent naphtha, petroleum, light aromatic 064742-95-6 <75-95 %

So STP is naptha, kerosene, xylene, and 1% to 5% "Proprietary"

$4 bottle of kerosene basically. =)
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STOP! Don't use that shit in your bike! Quality gasoline contains all of the necessary elements to keep your system in good working order.
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