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2021 Ninja 650 clock keeps resetting

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Anyone else experience this or have a solution? Bike runs normal. Clock just keeps resetting randomly.
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I don't know about resetting, but sometimes the clock is a couple hours off. Went for a 3+ hour ride today and the whole time I thought nothing of it until I checked my phone and my TPS monitor. Both said 1pm, but the dash clock was like 2:45pm. It's happened to me a few times. The bikes a 2020 and not a year old yet. If it's the battery I already have a lithium I was gonna use in my Ninja 1000. I'll check the voltage on the dash and see what's up.

I've never had any odometer reset issue.
I also have a 2021 Ninja 650. She's got less than 7,000 miles on her. About a month ago, my clock just randomly reset itself. It's only happened that one time and it was just the clock that was affected. I checked the battery connections and all was secure and clean. This morning, when I went to start her, my battery was dead. When she came to life, the check engine light was on and stayed on all the way to work. I'm headed to my dealership tomorrow to find out what the heck is going on. I ride my bike almost every day and have had no other issues. Have you taken yours in for service? I'm sure that if there's an electrical issue, it will be covered under warranty. 🤞
Hell, yours is so new they should cover the battery at the very least. I ride daily so chances are if there's a drain somewhere I won't notice it for a long time.

Let me ask you all this...

Any electrical mods on your bikes? If so they'll not honor the warranty unless it's a factory mod like the 12V adaptor or heated grips. Even then they'll probably argue if you did the install instead of them.

If you have a 2020 or above I suggest on your dash that you monitor your voltage in your display. I believe you toggle the right button till it shows up. The left button is for the odometer functions.
Interesting thread. So Kawasaki will void any warranty even with a LED turn signal mod? Or would it just be for electrical claims?
That's ANY manufacturer will not honor a warranty, in this case electrical. If you put on an aftermarket exhaust you've just voided the mechanical warranty. Much less adding a PC with the exhaust.

KimsHaven.... I've highly modded my bike. Full Hindle Megaphone exhaust, TST Industries LED integrated tail and turn signal with tail tidy. That required also buying their turn signal relay, which is adjustable, to eliminate hyperflash. Full ECU flash and removal of the O2 sensor and including the PAIRS block off.

Mine is WAY past warranty...lol.
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Interesting thread. So Kawasaki will void any warranty even with a LED turn signal mod? Or would it just be for electrical claims?
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The Hindle Megaphone exhaust was under $600. Just a tad above $600 because I also bought the silencer. You'll need that! Is as loud as a Harley without it and sound great with it. I've had Two Brothers, Leo Vince, Akropovic. Save your money. Hindle sounds so much better.

I got the ECU flash from 2WheelDynoWorks... $239. Mail it out. They're fast with returns. You can have it flashed for a stock setup. They have multiple muffler/exhaust choices and make for any configuration, like if all you did was the exhaust they would open it up for you. Very happy with them. Cost me like $9 USPS Priority. Got there in two days came back on the fifth day.
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If you're into luggage, do NOT get the factory Givi tail bag setup! It stresses the frame. This is a Hepco Becker C-Bow side case system. Multiple variety of bag options. Around $500 including those bags. 18 liter per side so low profile. I also have the factory touring screen and this picture doesn't show it but I have OES frame and front wheel sliders now.

The seat cushion is great. $30 on Amazon. Rode 3.5 hours and no butt soreness.
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I have the TST tail tidy too! I love the flashing brake light. It's nice to be more visible. I have not upgraded my exhaust system yet. It was my plan to replace after the summer season. I also want to replace the chain and rear sprocket. Blew a big chunk of cash on a cross-country trip last summer (including new tires), so I just need to financially recuperate for a minute.
Factory warranties are such crap, though. They find any excuse to void it.
The chain and rear sprocket I got from sport bike track gear (SBTG.COM). Driven racing sprockets... Steel not aluminum. They have sprocket with chain combo and you can pick a color for the chain. Very happy with that.
Thank you! What do you think of the TST integrated taillight? Any issues? Is easy to install and program?
No issues. Very easy install. Plug and play. No cutting wires. You do have to buy the turn signal relay and replace the stock one but I did it by hand without removing the left fairing. It's easy to feel for by putting your arm under the front and feel the side of the left fairing up near the top. They give you all the instructions with clear picture and even have both installs on YouTube. TST Industries.
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The programming of the tail light is done on the back of the unit. You'll see. The flasher relay is already set to the correct flash rate but is also adjustable. The tail tidy is separate and you can choose a fixed or adjustable angle license plate mount. I got the adjustable one.
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Nice! I've never seen those bags. I have SW Motech. They were super expensive, but really nice bags.
The bag mounts for the C-Bow system uses the two bolts on each side under the tail. Super easy install. There's about 6 different bag styles but they only go up to 20-22 liter each side. The have a hard case set but they looked bulky to me. And not really any bigger. I can leave my bags open and stuff them because there's a waterproof bag inside each one that is larger than the bag itself. It folds over and velcros shut like a wet bag.
Check out the YouTube videos. They show the complete install. They have a Ninja 650 all tricked out with their stuff and a video on everything they do. They also offer LED front turn signals but I hate taking the fairings off. I'm lazy that way. But they're video makes it look easy and the turn signals are really sharp.

You have the 2021. I like those graphics. Especially the white down low.
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