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2021 Ninja 650 clock keeps resetting

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Anyone else experience this or have a solution? Bike runs normal. Clock just keeps resetting randomly.
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Interesting thread. So Kawasaki will void any warranty even with a LED turn signal mod? Or would it just be for electrical claims?
That's ANY manufacturer will not honor a warranty, in this case electrical. If you put on an aftermarket exhaust you've just voided the mechanical warranty. Much less adding a PC with the exhaust.

KimsHaven.... I've highly modded my bike. Full Hindle Megaphone exhaust, TST Industries LED integrated tail and turn signal with tail tidy. That required also buying their turn signal relay, which is adjustable, to eliminate hyperflash. Full ECU flash and removal of the O2 sensor and including the PAIRS block off.

Mine is WAY past warranty...lol.
Thank you! What do you think of the TST integrated taillight? Any issues? Is easy to install and program?
The programming of the tail light is done on the back of the unit. You'll see. The flasher relay is already set to the correct flash rate but is also adjustable. The tail tidy is separate and you can choose a fixed or adjustable angle license plate mount. I got the adjustable one.
Thank you very much Wabbit!! You can beat that clean look!!
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