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2021 Ninja 650 clock keeps resetting

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Anyone else experience this or have a solution? Bike runs normal. Clock just keeps resetting randomly.
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The battery is probably on the way out. When you crank the engine, if voltage falls below a certain threshold, the clock would reset itself.
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We did install a USB plug into the accessory port in the dash. It has a voltage meter built in. Was at 13.7V when I arrived at work this am. Was at 11.9V at lunch time. Looks like we might be doing a manual start after work today. I have not added any mods like heated grips, but I have replaced my tail lights and turn signals with a tail tidy with sequential LED. That was in May of this year. I suppose that would be reason enough for them to not honor my warranty. I'll know tomorrow and will definitely update the forum when I do.
Just install back all the stock stuff before heading to the dealership.
I thought of that, but I just don't have the time nor the inclination to re-wire the old turn signals. My bike is my primary method of transportation. She did start up after work. I was really surprised because the voltage meter read 11.9V and I wasn't feeling confident about it. Something did happen, though. It seemed like the left button on my TFT screen was stuck. This might be the cause of my problems. Stay tuned! @Antares, fingers crossed.
Check out the voltage regulator connector. Could be that it is not firmly engaged. That would eventually cause the battery to receive charging randomly. I would suggest removing the connector from the regulator, inspecting the pins searching for anything abnormal to the eye, and firmly engaging it back.
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